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Experience the Sahara desert during a day trip on a camel, possibly extended with an overnight stay in a nomad tent, or go for 3 – 15 days on desert safari. Break-aways for those who are young or young at heart. You can choose to experience the trek on a camel, to walk yourself or a combination of both.

All our treks start in the surroundings of Zagora, Marocco
Sahara Camel Adventures delivers authentic, tailor-made travel experiences. Being experts on Sahara desert treks since 2003, we can advise on the best tailor-made holidays that suit your travel needs as an individual, couple, family or group. Our tailor-made tours offer the flexibility that is only available with a private guide.

The fascinating and adventurous treks are perfect for:
–          first-time travellers to Marocco who want to explore the rural parts of Morocco
–          adventure travellers
–          private treks to the Sahara Desert.

Examples of treks:

Let us guide you and help you discover The Great South. The Sahara Desert will excite your curiosity and awaken your senses

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